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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Cotton Dishcloth

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The humble dishcloth. You can never have too many. A quick project made with the simplest of materials and giving a satisfyingly practical reward.

The pattern says that it takes an hour to make up, but I have to confess it took me about 2 (with a few distractions). I used regular 1mm stationery string, which is 100% cotton, and a size 5mm hook.

I’ve only made one of these, but will make many more, I’m sure. Great to have cleaning cloths like these in all the bathrooms and kitchen sinks.


Chunky Scarf 2

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Yes, I realize this looks exactly like a post I made recently, but it is different. And as this blog is meant to be a record of everything I make I have to include this scarf.

It is the same pattern and similar yarn to the previous chunky scarf I made, just different colours. I need to make a note though, that I made my stitches into the stitch of the previous row and not between the stitches. I used double knit yarn and a 10mm hook.

Having experimented a bit I realize that it is better to crochet a straight scarf and then join the ends to make it circular, than it is to crochet in a circle.

Thank you my Pretty Girl for modelling this scarf for me.

Boys Scarves

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I’m not sure that my boys actually need scarves, but I wanted to make them and they graciously wear them (perhaps only when I am around).

It’s a super simple pattern and I used 2 threads of different colours of baby yarn to get the mottled effect. The first is turquoise and brown, the second is royal and light blue. The pattern is from Lion Brand, however I increased the number of stitches across and I made the scarf shorter to only go around the neck twice.

Thanks to my two dazzling ‘models’ and to Sarah for taking the pics.

Circular Scarf

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Everyone needs at least one good scarf to cope with wintery days. I’ve been making a few and so my next few posts will all be scarves.

This is a circular scarf made with chunky yarn, a 10mm hook and this great pattern Thanks Lindsi.

I was so happy to find a nice warm chunky scarf that is also pretty. I made it for Sarah, who I think should always have pretty things in her life. Thanks to her for showing it off for us.


Mosaic Fish

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I tried my hand at mosaics. I went to a lesson and this is my first project. I think Mosaics can be quite kitsch, but I was really inspired by some of the work I saw at the studio.

This little fish has a wooden back, the tiles are chipped bathroom tiles which I glued onto the board and then grouted. I’m inspired to try single coloured lettering to make up different words, and also to try and use broken up china wear instead of tiles. Oh that there were more hours in a day.

Thanks to Natalie from Mosaic 4 Africa for the lesson. I’m delighted to have another craft that I’ve tried… and perhaps will one day have the chance to perfect.

Floral Pullover

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I fell in love with this yarn, well…not really, but I really liked it, so I bought it and then tried to decide what to do with it. Now that the project is finished I would perhaps have preferred to make it into a throw, but I’m happy enough with my pullover.

I used a lion brand pattern and a 6mm hook. My yarn was a bit heavier than the one used in the pattern so I chose not to put the collar on.

For me this was a huge project and I’m just glad I finished it.

Baby Cocoon

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Congratulations Warwick and Kath on the birth of your precious Samantha Rain. I hope this little cocoon will help keep her warm on these cold and wintery nights.

The body is made from ‘Pure Gold’ double knit and a size 5.5mm hook, and for the top I used their chunky yarn and a size 6mm hook.

Many thanks to Red Heart and this post for their pattern.