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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Newsboy Cap & Mary Janes

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A friend sent me a picture of a baby boy wearing a very boyish newsboy cap and asked if I could make a ‘pretty’ one for a girl with matching shoes, but without using pink. Thankfully I love a good challenge.

I couldn’t find a nice pattern for the cap, so I made one up – it wasn’t too difficult after all. and I used Hayley’s pattern for the shoes.  One of my challenges was finding the right sizes for a 3 month old, until I found this great chart. Very helpful.

For the cap I used Elle Pure Gold chunky yarn and a 5mm hook and for the shoes I used the matching double knit and a 4.5mm hook. I took forever to find the right buttons, but am pleased with what I found.

I always find it tricky making things for other people. It’s so hard to know if they’ll like what I come up with. Happily, this friend is pleased with these. Phew.


Wide Baby Headband

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Isn’t she just too cute!! I had a lady ask me recently if I can make wide children’s headbands, so I went on a search for a good pattern. I found this one, which I am very pleased with, especially as it is stitched across the width, making it easy to measure the exact length you need.

As usual I used 100% bamboo. For the headband I used a 4mm hook and for the flower a 4.5mm hook. I used a different pattern for the flower, as I prefer this one. I love how this has a kind of vintage look. I’m still trying to learn head sizes. This particular headband will fit a 0-3 month old. I have a ball of red 100% wool which I’d like to try and make up into one of these, perhaps a bigger size. Not sure how it will turn out.

So much to do…

Men’s Beanie Hat

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It is done! I can’t believe that something that was so simple to make took me such a long time to get to. At last it is finished, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

Crochet and men’s clothing are two things that don’t mix easily. I was happy to find this pattern that was chunky without being poofy. The yarn is also pretty cool. It’s elle timber, which is a chunky acrylic. I used a 6mm hook for the head and a 5mm hook for the brim. I also used fewer rows than in the pattern as my yarn was thicker and my hooks bigger.

Nice to have another project under my belt. I must say that whilst bigger projects give a great sense of achievement, the smaller quick ones are very fun.

Next up will be a wide baby head band with a big flower. I also still want to make a cushion for my lounge and a blanket for my room (ambitious much).

Also starting to contemplate writing my own patterns. ?!?

Lacy Ladies Circular Scarf

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I wanted to make a gift for a friend and decided a lacy scarf would be the right thing. I had a lovely fine silver grey yarn, but couldn’t find a pattern that I was happy with. I ended up simply using the same pattern I used for my other circular scarf.

The original pattern is for a chunky scarf,  but is a delightful design. I started with twice as many chain as the pattern requires to make up for the fineness of the thread. I used a 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend and a 5mm hook.

It took me a few days to finish, but I did do a few other small projects in between.

And, yes, I have started my husbands beanie. It will be finished shortly.

Baby Hat

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Another really cute beanie. This one is more of a vintage style and, I think, is officially called a toque. It looks more summery, but because it’s made of bamboo which is a natural fibre, it is great in all weather.

Thanks to Mary Ann for the pattern. I must say it did take me a bit longer than 30 min. I used an ivory coloured bamboo yarn and a 4.5mm hook. The flower is a great pattern too, and I can see myself using it many times. This is a much better size than the tiny one I last made, but I think I might add another row, if I make it again with this yarn, to give it more depth.

In my last post I said I’d be making my husband a beanie. Well…..I did start and almost finish it, then found it was too small so unraveled it and will now start again. I have one little project to finish first though…

Newborn Baby Bamboo Beanie

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This is possibly the cutest thing I have made so far. It is so very tiny that I can hardly believe that it would fit on a little person’s head.

It measures only 14.5cm across the brim and so would probably only fit a baby under 4kgs. I haven’t tested that yet, though. Once again I used 100% bamboo, this time with a 3mm hook. I didn’t have a pattern, but got the inspiration from Gracious Rain at

I will make a few more of these now, using different sized hooks for older babies and possibly even toddlers. Before I do that, though, I must make Dave his long awaited beanie.


Bamboo Cotton Dish Towel

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Bamboo is by far my favorite yarn. This is a 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend. Being the very last of this particular yarn in my cupboard, this dish towel ended up quite small, but cute.

A friend of mine visiting from Cape Town saw a similar one in my kitchen and asked me to make her one, so voila. It is a fine thread so I crocheted with a double strand using a 4.5mm hook. It is simply a 41 ch foundation. 2dc (2sc if you are American) in 3rd chain from hook and then in every 2nd chain across. 1ch turn and 2dc in every 2nd st across, repeated for as many rows as you like.

It’s fun to be able to make up a little gift like this in such a short time.