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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Ladies Twisted Headband

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I’ve been meaning to make this headband for a little while. Glad I finally got round to it, and it really was very quick, once I worked out some interesting quirks in the pattern.

I’ve enjoyed giving myself to a few different projects after spending quite some time on baby headbands. I don’t have ADD, I just like variety. This is a great pattern by PD Designs. I got it a bit wrong in the beginning, but reading through some of the comments at the bottom helped me get it right. My yarn is the last of a ball I got from Mongolia and is an Egyptian cotton / milk fibre blend in grey and white. Made up with a 6mm hook.

It has a great texture, is nice and stretchy and very warm, although not too warm for summery days when you just want protection from the wind. Nice idea for Christmas gifts too.


Boys Blue Boots

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I had to make something for boys. All of my recent projects have been for girls and I decided I needed a bit of blue in my craft life.

These are a very simple pair of Roll-Top Boots that look great either rolled down or not. The pattern was created by Hayley and is available as a free download on Ravelry. I used a double knit yarn and a 4.5mm hook. These boots will probably fit a little boy from 6 months. The only thing I did differently to the pattern is I crocheted row 4 in the back loops of the previous row. This gives the sole a little more definition.

I’m hoping to find time to play around with different baby shoes, colours and trims. They are quite quick to make and are so rewarding.

V Stitch Baby Hat

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Not every hat needs a flower on it Рdoes it? These hats are all so cute and I think this particular one looks simple and even classic without a flower. One could always pin embellishments onto it if so desired.

I’m so enjoying playing around with these 100% cotton yarns. In some instances I think I even prefer it to the more shiny bamboo. Only in ‘some’ instances though. This is a pattern that I’ve used before by Mary Ann. I used a 4.5mm hook and a stone coloured cotton yarn. It will fit a newborn baby.

It appears that more and more online shopping sites are popping up in South Africa. Some of them are quite exciting. Strictly handmade is one that I discovered recently.

Baby Button Flap Beanie

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I love all the different kinds of beanies there are. I’m not a great fan of white, but this turned out quite cute.

Another pattern from Alli Crafts, thanks Alli, they’re great. I used 100% cotton in a crisp white and a 5mm hook. This beanie will fit a baby of about 3 – 6 months. The button gives it a sweet little extra touch. Whilst my favourite thing is to make up things to give away, this beanie will be going to the store for sale.

I’ve also made up a few more headbands in the last few days. I’ll be adding photos to existing posts shortly.

Premie Cluster Hat

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It looks tiny because it really is. Realizing that there is very little ‘out there’ for babies that are born prematurely I set about finding patterns that would be suitable.

Thanks to Alli for this great pattern. I used her newborn pattern because my yarn is slightly finer than DK. And I used a 5mm hook. The border is really simple; slip stitches made into the back loop only all the way around several rounds. It’s the first time I’ve tried that and it looks great.

I love the vintage look of this little hat and made up in 100% natural cotton makes it even more authentic. I’ll make a few more of these in other colours and sizes.

So, I haven’t taken my sewing machine out as promised in my previous post. My housekeeping is getting the better of me. But soon..

Narrow Headband for Ladies

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Yes, another headband!

This is a stunning stone colour, made up in 100% cotton, and will fit a teenager/adult. I’m still playing around with yarns and working out tensions. I’ll make a few smaller ones of these in a couple of other colours too. Same pattern as before, with a 3mm hook.

And…today I’ll be taking out my sewing machine. My Mom will be proud. Stay tuned for the update.

Crocodile Stitch Baby Boots

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My first attempt at crocodile stitch. I made these a few months ago for a friend who has the most delightful little daughter.

I learned how to crocodile stitch, after a couple of trials and errors, with some help from this pattern. However, I ended up not making the particular shoes in that pattern because I needed a larger size. I used this pattern for the shoe part and then added the cuff. They are made up with a wool/acrylic blend and a 4.5mm hook.

I love making baby shoes and am so inspired by all the new and creative ideas out there.