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The following ‘bio’ was written on Mothers Day 2012 by my daughter, Cara-Leigh.

M.J.S (My Mom)
My mom loves daisies. She claps with her laughs if she finds something really funny. She will smack you if you try to tickle her. She’s got the strongest caliber when it comes to sitting through James’s stories. She finds hidden treasures, and loves adventure. She has a burning passion for the Word and finding God in every inch of it; even Numbers. She is my Dads vital componant. She holds ups his hands in battle. Her armour is the shiniest and strongest. She won’t take nonsense from me. But she will understand when I don’t make sense.  She is everything and more. She is mine; and we are the Blessed us four.


I am a lover of Jesus, my husband Dave, and my four children Cara-Leigh, David, Jonathan and James. I was born in Zimbabwe, but now live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I give my time to my family, my church, my home, my friends and my community. We are also church-planters (City Lights Church ).

I enjoy being creative and trying new crafts and skills. I especially enjoy exploring and discovering the amazing creative talent of people throughout the world and throughout all ages. I believe that our ability to be creative comes from having been created ourselves in the image of a Creator God.


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  1. Love this Meg. You are so inspiring!

  2. Leigh Harrison

    Megs, I cannot begin to express how in awe I am of your talent and your gorgeous stories about each one. I am of course, utterly clueless with regards yarn and crochet hooks – but glad you know what you’re doing. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all, and
    sparking what is creative in all those drawn to this beautiful blog.


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