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Coffee Cup Cozies

No more burned fingers, and no more cold coffee. Coffee cup cozies are such a good idea. I made up a few of these for my coffee connoisseur daughter. You can’t just have one.

They’re really quick and easy to make up and use tiny bits of yarn. I used Theresa Grant’s pattern on Ravelry. If you don’t know how to do a fpdc (front post double crochet) and a bpdc you will find a great tutorial here (fptr and bptr in English terminology). These were made up using a variety of different yarns, some blends and some acrylics. It’s best not to use 100% cotton, as it doesn’t have enough stretch. And my hook was 4mm.

These are perfect for little gifts or stocking fillers, and it’s always a good idea to keep a couple in your handbag. These particular ones are plain and simple, but they can be dressed up with ribbons, flowers, embroidery or any number of other embellishments. I’d also like to make a few of the kind you would use on a coffee mug. There are some fun patterns out there for those, and they can be used by tea lovers too.



Microphone Bag

So, this is not a request that I get every day – a microphone case, or two. They might not be particularly pretty, but who wants a pretty mic case?

Mics are often moved around a lot and can do with a bit of padding to help protect them. I used a chunky yarn, a 4.5mm hook and double (single, if you are American) crochet. They came out very thick and tightly stitched, and look like they’ll do a good job.

The problem with making something that works, is now I’ve been asked to make a sleeve for the sound desk. Simple job, just doesn’t really get the creative juices flowing. However, I am in the middle of making something, not ‘sound’ related, that I hope will turn out really cute. New things are fun. More to follow…

Kindle Cover

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Such a lovely colour. I made this quickly when my Mom-in-law said she needed a cover for her Kindle. I don’t have a pattern for it and can’t even remember the details. I know I used a baby yarn that is 35% Australian wool, 5% cashmere and 60% silk protein.

I have a few balls of this kind of yarn in various vibrant colours that I bought on ebay and enjoy finding simple little projects like this to use them on.