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My Daisy Painting

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my daisy painting

I love yellow daisies, and whilst these are not strictly ‘yellow’ daisies they are still a bright and happy bunch.

This is an acrylic painting that I did a little while ago. I’d done a bit of art at school and not really considered trying my hand at it again for a very long time, until my sons actually began to develop their own interest and skills in creating artworks. This inspired me to get the brushes out and see what rusty talent may be hiding away there. It turns out that the talent is very rusty indeed, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and perhaps with a bit of time and practice I could develop it.

I am privileged to have some very incredible artists as friends and am so grateful for their inspiration and the value they add to the world we live in. Thank you to Alastair Whitton, Philip Barlow and Debby Hart. You remind us that the world is beautiful.


Jono’s Night Cap

night cap

Oh the things you make when you have teenage children! So, this is a night cap, or as Jono likes to call it, a cool long pointy beanie thing. And yes, he actually wears it, not only with his pajamas but out to the mall – gosh.

I simply used tr crochet, starting at the point, slowly increasing until the last about 9 rows. Then I added a few rows of dc to make the band. It’s an acrylic dk, or worsted weight yarn and I used a 5mm hook. And finally added the pompom. It’s been many years since I made a pompom, taking me back to my childhood.

Jono Night Cap

Large Minion

20130713_124045 20130713_124459

I made a Minion!! Well, I made a couple actually, but this is the first one I made and he’s quite big.

I struggled to find a pattern, so I made this one up as I went along. As I keep saying, I should have written the pattern down as I went, but I didn’t. To be honest I found it a lot of hard work and whilst I’m please with the outcome, I can’t see myself making another quite like this.

He is quite cute, and I’m particularly pleased with the ‘G’ on the pocket. He has been shipped off to Cape Town and I’m sure will make a fine companion to Keri. Enjoy sweet girl.

Mad Hatter 1st Birthday Cake


So…it’s not crochet, and possibly doesn’t even fit into the category of ‘craft’, but I made it and that qualifies it to feature on my blog.

Georgia turned 1 in June and I had the privilege of making the cake for her Mad Hatter themed party. She loves bananas, so it’s a banana cake and it took me almost a full day to ice it. I had the greatest fun doing it, even though it was tremendously difficult mixing colours to get the lime green. At the end of the day I’m pleased with how it came out, especially with the slightly odd shape.

The day was very special with a small group of close friends. And Georgia made a very gracious host.

Bamboo Cotton Dish Towel

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Bamboo is by far my favorite yarn. This is a 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend. Being the very last of this particular yarn in my cupboard, this dish towel ended up quite small, but cute.

A friend of mine visiting from Cape Town saw a similar one in my kitchen and asked me to make her one, so voila. It is a fine thread so I crocheted with a double strand using a 4.5mm hook. It is simply a 41 ch foundation. 2dc (2sc if you are American) in 3rd chain from hook and then in every 2nd chain across. 1ch turn and 2dc in every 2nd st across, repeated for as many rows as you like.

It’s fun to be able to make up a little gift like this in such a short time.

Heart Decor

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Whilst it’s been a busy crochet week for me, it hasn’t been a particularly fruitful blogging week. Several of my projects have been gifts that have not yet been delivered, and so I’ll wait to blog about them.

I’m not a huge fan of hearts, but this one stood out as something a little different, so I gave it a bash. The pattern is for sale by Lois Barrett on Ravelry. I used 100% cotton thread and a size 3mm hook. I also only made the back section. The actual pattern is a little pouch, which is quite sweet. I have also starched mine so that it can hang on a door.

It’s finished size is 14cm at it’s widest point and 12cm high. I may try a few different patterns of hearts in earthy colours and make a ‘story’ of them.

Mosaic Fish

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I tried my hand at mosaics. I went to a lesson and this is my first project. I think Mosaics can be quite kitsch, but I was really inspired by some of the work I saw at the studio.

This little fish has a wooden back, the tiles are chipped bathroom tiles which I glued onto the board and then grouted. I’m inspired to try single coloured lettering to make up different words, and also to try and use broken up china wear instead of tiles. Oh that there were more hours in a day.

Thanks to Natalie from Mosaic 4 Africa for the lesson. I’m delighted to have another craft that I’ve tried… and perhaps will one day have the chance to perfect.