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Rustic Summer Throw

rustic throw 1

I’ve been inspired to begin a range of luxury throws, and this is my first one. Working with top quality yarn is such a delight. I can see this is going to be the beginning of something really fun.

I never really imagined myself making a whole lot of blankets. I made a bamboo baby blanket a little while ago for a friend, but other than that one the idea didn’t excite me much. Until I began, a few months ago, to turn all my odd bits of yarn into granny squares and join them all together into a throw. That is a project that will still take a while to complete and will become it’s own story. However, working on it made me realize how versatile, and much needed, throws are in ones life.

rustic throw 2My Rustic Summer Throw is made from a 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo yarn in blue-grey. It’s 100cm wide and 135cm long. I used a variation of a V-stitch, one that is a little less structured in it’s pattern, and gives this throw it’s delightful comfy and rustic appeal. And my hook was 8mm.

Oh the joy of making beautiful things! It’s going to be difficult for me to part with this creation especially as this blue-grey is perfect for my new bedroom colour scheme. I’ll have to make another one for myself, this one is off to be displayed in a lovely new store in town.

rustic throw 3

I can make Rustic Summer Throws up in four different sizes: small (80cm x 110cm), medium (100cm x 135cm), large (125cm x 150cm) and extra large (150cm x 180cm), and in a variety of stunning colours.

Hooray for filling our homes with luxurious delights!

And keep a look out for additions to my Luxury Throw Range.

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My Daisy Painting

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my daisy painting

I love yellow daisies, and whilst these are not strictly ‘yellow’ daisies they are still a bright and happy bunch.

This is an acrylic painting that I did a little while ago. I’d done a bit of art at school and not really considered trying my hand at it again for a very long time, until my sons actually began to develop their own interest and skills in creating artworks. This inspired me to get the brushes out and see what rusty talent may be hiding away there. It turns out that the talent is very rusty indeed, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and perhaps with a bit of time and practice I could develop it.

I am privileged to have some very incredible artists as friends and am so grateful for their inspiration and the value they add to the world we live in. Thank you to Alastair Whitton, Philip Barlow and Debby Hart. You remind us that the world is beautiful.

Luxury Cotton Facecloth

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Sometimes simple things make life lovely. Crochet facecloths have been around for a while. There are a variety of patterns available online and you’ll find various samples in local stores. This is far from an original idea. However, having made one for myself, I’ve rediscovered how one simple luxury can change your whole day.

For this particular facecloth I used the grit stitch pattern from the Lion Brand Sandy Shore Washcloth Set. These are all great patterns and easy to follow if you’re interested in making your own. Mine is made in 100% cotton with a 5mm hook.

They make a great gift too. I made a couple and gave them as part of a ‘kitchen tea’ gift.

Cotton Oven Gloves

There’s so much you can do with a simple skein of string or two. I’ve wanted to make these  oven gloves for a while now and have finally done it. The string gives them a wonderful natural earthy look and they turned out superbly thick too.

I used Mrs Murdock’s Mittens pattern posted by Brenda K. B. Anderson on as the basic foundation for my gloves, with just a few adjustments. Instead of the ribbed pattern she used for the cuff I used alternating fpdc and bpdc as in my Coffee Cup Cozies. I did this in order to avoid the extra join. I’m lazy like that. I also up-scaled the pattern by 1 size to make it suitable as oven gloves and not fitted mittens.

The string is 1mm and most reasonably priced at a hardware store. I used 100g for these gloves with a 3.5mm hook. The stitches are very tight with such a small hook, but they need to be to create the right thickness. The bonus is that South African string is 100% cotton, making them good quality gloves that will keep their shape.

Coffee Cup Cozies

No more burned fingers, and no more cold coffee. Coffee cup cozies are such a good idea. I made up a few of these for my coffee connoisseur daughter. You can’t just have one.

They’re really quick and easy to make up and use tiny bits of yarn. I used Theresa Grant’s pattern on Ravelry. If you don’t know how to do a fpdc (front post double crochet) and a bpdc you will find a great tutorial here (fptr and bptr in English terminology). These were made up using a variety of different yarns, some blends and some acrylics. It’s best not to use 100% cotton, as it doesn’t have enough stretch. And my hook was 4mm.

These are perfect for little gifts or stocking fillers, and it’s always a good idea to keep a couple in your handbag. These particular ones are plain and simple, but they can be dressed up with ribbons, flowers, embroidery or any number of other embellishments. I’d also like to make a few of the kind you would use on a coffee mug. There are some fun patterns out there for those, and they can be used by tea lovers too.


Cozy Cushions

This was a project that changed shape a couple of times. I had these two stunning yarns with a light silver grey too. Originally I was going to make a patchwork blanket. Then I decided on a striped blanket instead. I’m so glad I didn’t stick with the blanket idea, coz it would never have looked great, and I’m very happy with how these cushions came out. I’ve given them to my daughter to put on her white bed.

The yarn is a locally produced acrylic. The covers are closed with  6 matching rustic looking buttons each. The stitches I used are those used in blocks II and III of this pattern. And I think I used an 8mm hook. The cushion fillers are just made up in lining filled with ball-fibre.

It’s lovely to have a crochet cushion scattered amongst other plain and printed cushions. I have a couple of others on the boil, too.

Bamboo Cotton Dish Towel

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Bamboo is by far my favorite yarn. This is a 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend. Being the very last of this particular yarn in my cupboard, this dish towel ended up quite small, but cute.

A friend of mine visiting from Cape Town saw a similar one in my kitchen and asked me to make her one, so voila. It is a fine thread so I crocheted with a double strand using a 4.5mm hook. It is simply a 41 ch foundation. 2dc (2sc if you are American) in 3rd chain from hook and then in every 2nd chain across. 1ch turn and 2dc in every 2nd st across, repeated for as many rows as you like.

It’s fun to be able to make up a little gift like this in such a short time.