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My Daisy Painting

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my daisy painting

I love yellow daisies, and whilst these are not strictly ‘yellow’ daisies they are still a bright and happy bunch.

This is an acrylic painting that I did a little while ago. I’d done a bit of art at school and not really considered trying my hand at it again for a very long time, until my sons actually began to develop their own interest and skills in creating artworks. This inspired me to get the brushes out and see what rusty talent may be hiding away there. It turns out that the talent is very rusty indeed, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and perhaps with a bit of time and practice I could develop it.

I am privileged to have some very incredible artists as friends and am so grateful for their inspiration and the value they add to the world we live in. Thank you to Alastair Whitton, Philip Barlow and Debby Hart. You remind us that the world is beautiful.