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Rustic Summer Throw

rustic throw 1

I’ve been inspired to begin a range of luxury throws, and this is my first one. Working with top quality yarn is such a delight. I can see this is going to be the beginning of something really fun.

I never really imagined myself making a whole lot of blankets. I made a bamboo baby blanket a little while ago for a friend, but other than that one the idea didn’t excite me much. Until I began, a few months ago, to turn all my odd bits of yarn into granny squares and join them all together into a throw. That is a project that will still take a while to complete and will become it’s own story. However, working on it made me realize how versatile, and much needed, throws are in ones life.

rustic throw 2My Rustic Summer Throw is made from a 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo yarn in blue-grey. It’s 100cm wide and 135cm long. I used a variation of a V-stitch, one that is a little less structured in it’s pattern, and gives this throw it’s delightful comfy and rustic appeal. And my hook was 8mm.

Oh the joy of making beautiful things! It’s going to be difficult for me to part with this creation especially as this blue-grey is perfect for my new bedroom colour scheme. I’ll have to make another one for myself, this one is off to be displayed in a lovely new store in town.

rustic throw 3

I can make Rustic Summer Throws up in four different sizes: small (80cm x 110cm), medium (100cm x 135cm), large (125cm x 150cm) and extra large (150cm x 180cm), and in a variety of stunning colours.

Hooray for filling our homes with luxurious delights!

And keep a look out for additions to my Luxury Throw Range.

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Ladies Collar

I find fashion trends rather intriguing. There seems something not-so-cutting-edge about these collars, however I’m persuaded otherwise by current fashionistas.

There are a wide range of styles and shapes and sizes out there, but I chose this pattern because I find it simple, elegant and yet playful at the same time. Thanks to Lazy Tcrochet for making it available. I used a fine yarn, 70% bamboo 30% cotton,  and a 3.5mm hook. I love this silver grey colour. Because my yarn was finer than that in the pattern I added a few stitches to each section to make it the right size. Oh, and I found a really cute button for it too.

This is one of the things I gave to my daughter for her birthday. The pattern is for personal use only, so I won’t be able to sell these particular collars, but I’ll make others.

Wide Baby Headband 2

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I  know I’ve been very quiet this week. It’s not because I haven’t been making anything, rather the couple of projects I am doing will take more than a couple of days to complete. However, I did manage to turn out another baby headband. I made one exactly like this a few weeks ago for a friend who is expecting her first child next week. I forgot to take a picture of it though, so am pleased that I’ve had the chance to make another. I think I’ll be making many of these. I’m also going to give a narrower band a try soon.

This is the same pattern as my previous one and is simply made up in a different colour. And once again I used this flower.

I will not always add a new post for a repeated project. Most often I will add pictures of additional projects to existing posts.

Wide Baby Headband

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Isn’t she just too cute!! I had a lady ask me recently if I can make wide children’s headbands, so I went on a search for a good pattern. I found this one, which I am very pleased with, especially as it is stitched across the width, making it easy to measure the exact length you need.

As usual I used 100% bamboo. For the headband I used a 4mm hook and for the flower a 4.5mm hook. I used a different pattern for the flower, as I prefer this one. I love how this has a kind of vintage look. I’m still trying to learn head sizes. This particular headband will fit a 0-3 month old. I have a ball of red 100% wool which I’d like to try and make up into one of these, perhaps a bigger size. Not sure how it will turn out.

So much to do…

Lacy Ladies Circular Scarf

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I wanted to make a gift for a friend and decided a lacy scarf would be the right thing. I had a lovely fine silver grey yarn, but couldn’t find a pattern that I was happy with. I ended up simply using the same pattern I used for my other circular scarf.

The original pattern is for a chunky scarf,  but is a delightful design. I started with twice as many chain as the pattern requires to make up for the fineness of the thread. I used a 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend and a 5mm hook.

It took me a few days to finish, but I did do a few other small projects in between.

And, yes, I have started my husbands beanie. It will be finished shortly.

Baby Hat

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Another really cute beanie. This one is more of a vintage style and, I think, is officially called a toque. It looks more summery, but because it’s made of bamboo which is a natural fibre, it is great in all weather.

Thanks to Mary Ann for the pattern. I must say it did take me a bit longer than 30 min. I used an ivory coloured bamboo yarn and a 4.5mm hook. The flower is a great pattern too, and I can see myself using it many times. This is a much better size than the tiny one I last made, but I think I might add another row, if I make it again with this yarn, to give it more depth.

In my last post I said I’d be making my husband a beanie. Well…..I did start and almost finish it, then found it was too small so unraveled it and will now start again. I have one little project to finish first though…

Newborn Baby Bamboo Beanie

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This is possibly the cutest thing I have made so far. It is so very tiny that I can hardly believe that it would fit on a little person’s head.

It measures only 14.5cm across the brim and so would probably only fit a baby under 4kgs. I haven’t tested that yet, though. Once again I used 100% bamboo, this time with a 3mm hook. I didn’t have a pattern, but got the inspiration from Gracious Rain at

I will make a few more of these now, using different sized hooks for older babies and possibly even toddlers. Before I do that, though, I must make Dave his long awaited beanie.