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Luxury Cotton Facecloth

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Sometimes simple things make life lovely. Crochet facecloths have been around for a while. There are a variety of patterns available online and you’ll find various samples in local stores. This is far from an original idea. However, having made one for myself, I’ve rediscovered how one simple luxury can change your whole day.

For this particular facecloth I used the grit stitch pattern from the Lion Brand Sandy Shore Washcloth Set. These are all great patterns and easy to follow if you’re interested in making your own. Mine is made in 100% cotton with a 5mm hook.

They make a great gift too. I made a couple and gave them as part of a ‘kitchen tea’ gift.


Mosaic Fish

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I tried my hand at mosaics. I went to a lesson and this is my first project. I think Mosaics can be quite kitsch, but I was really inspired by some of the work I saw at the studio.

This little fish has a wooden back, the tiles are chipped bathroom tiles which I glued onto the board and then grouted. I’m inspired to try single coloured lettering to make up different words, and also to try and use broken up china wear instead of tiles. Oh that there were more hours in a day.

Thanks to Natalie from Mosaic 4 Africa for the lesson. I’m delighted to have another craft that I’ve tried… and perhaps will one day have the chance to perfect.

Bathroom Mat

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I’ve been a little distracted the last couple of days due to the early arrival of baby pink shoes. What a precious ¬†bundle! Nothing like having a little baby around to inspire creativity. Having said that, this project was actually an experiment and had nothing to do with babies.

I made this bathroom mat out of cotton string. Here in South Africa it’s labelled 306, I’m not sure exactly what that refers to other than that it’s an indication of its weight/thickness.

Having spent weeks looking for a crochet hook bigger than a size 10mm, eventually my wonderful husband crafted a 16mm hook for me. That is what I used for this project. I was hoping to get better pictures done before posting this, but¬†alas…..

It is simply half dc crocheted back and forth and then a row of dc worked all around the edge.