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Jono’s Night Cap

night cap

Oh the things you make when you have teenage children! So, this is a night cap, or as Jono likes to call it, a cool long pointy beanie thing. And yes, he actually wears it, not only with his pajamas but out to the mall – gosh.

I simply used tr crochet, starting at the point, slowly increasing until the last about 9 rows. Then I added a few rows of dc to make the band. It’s an acrylic dk, or worsted weight yarn and I used a 5mm hook. And finally added the pompom. It’s been many years since I made a pompom, taking me back to my childhood.

Jono Night Cap


Hipster Beanie and Boots for Baby

20130921_122605 20130921_122648 20130921_122731

I loved making this little set. The yarn is so soft and ideal for keeping a little head and feet warm. The very natural and earthy look of the yarn also lends itself to the hipster style.

For the hat I used this easy to follow pattern by April Cromwell. Thanks April. The only change I made was shortening the ties a little. I used a 5.5mm hook. And one of my favourite patterns for boots is this one by Repeat Crafter Me. I used a 3,5mm hook to make it smaller and tighter (my yarn is so soft I had to firm it up somehow) and I only made 3 rows of the cuff, then I added the laces. The yarn is a stunning, locally-produced blend of cotton, tweed, wool and acrylic.

beanie and boots

Beanie And Boots Giveaway

My friend, Sharon hosts an exciting online antenatal course in South Africa called Just Engage. She also regularly posts fun, relevant, real and helpful stories on her blog relating to pregnancy and parenting. You can follow her on facebook too.

She is currently running a giveaway featuring this beanie and boots set, and has written a lovely article about Megs J Shep.

Because these were made for a giveaway they had to be suitable for either a boy or a girl. I had been wanting to make something up using this combination of silver grey and stone, and this seemed the perfect opportunity. The pattern I used for the boots is from Repeat Crafter Me and is easy to follow. I found it a fun a versatile pattern. I then had to find a pattern for a beanie that matched….not so easy. I ended up making this one up. It is predominantly double (single if you are American) crochet, except for the brim which is alternate double and half-treble rows to match the cuff on the boots.

It is great to be part of this giveaway. Thanks to Sharon and Just Engage for featuring me. I hope these boots and beanie will be well worn by a precious little person.

Baby Button Flap Beanie

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I love all the different kinds of beanies there are. I’m not a great fan of white, but this turned out quite cute.

Another pattern from Alli Crafts, thanks Alli, they’re great. I used 100% cotton in a crisp white and a 5mm hook. This beanie will fit a baby of about 3 – 6 months. The button gives it a sweet little extra touch. Whilst my favourite thing is to make up things to give away, this beanie will be going to the store for sale.

I’ve also made up a few more headbands in the last few days. I’ll be adding photos to existing posts shortly.

Premie Cluster Hat

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It looks tiny because it really is. Realizing that there is very little ‘out there’ for babies that are born prematurely I set about finding patterns that would be suitable.

Thanks to Alli for this great pattern. I used her newborn pattern because my yarn is slightly finer than DK. And I used a 5mm hook. The border is really simple; slip stitches made into the back loop only all the way around several rounds. It’s the first time I’ve tried that and it looks great.

I love the vintage look of this little hat and made up in 100% natural cotton makes it even more authentic. I’ll make a few more of these in other colours and sizes.

So, I haven’t taken my sewing machine out as promised in my previous post. My housekeeping is getting the better of me. But soon..

Baby Boy Cocoon and Beanie

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I found this yarn and decided I ‘needed’ it, not knowing what I’d do with it. After sitting staring at it for a while I finally settled on this sweet little boys cocoon.

The yarn is a bit finer than the one I used for my previous cocoon and the pattern is much looser, which makes it perfect for summer. It’s still cozy without being super warm. It’s also perfect as a, newly popular, baby photographer’s prop.

The yarn is Elle Paradise – shimmering splendour, and I used a 6mm hook. It’s very quick and easy to make up, mostly using double trebles (which are called trebles in America and in this pattern).

It’s not often I make something without someone specific in mind, but this is one such project. Another good reason to open an etsy store?

Men’s Beanie Hat

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It is done! I can’t believe that something that was so simple to make took me such a long time to get to. At last it is finished, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

Crochet and men’s clothing are two things that don’t mix easily. I was happy to find this pattern that was chunky without being poofy. The yarn is also pretty cool. It’s elle timber, which is a chunky acrylic. I used a 6mm hook for the head and a 5mm hook for the brim. I also used fewer rows than in the pattern as my yarn was thicker and my hooks bigger.

Nice to have another project under my belt. I must say that whilst bigger projects give a great sense of achievement, the smaller quick ones are very fun.

Next up will be a wide baby head band with a big flower. I also still want to make a cushion for my lounge and a blanket for my room (ambitious much).

Also starting to contemplate writing my own patterns. ?!?