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Heart Decor

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Whilst it’s been a busy crochet week for me, it hasn’t been a particularly fruitful blogging week. Several of my projects have been gifts that have not yet been delivered, and so I’ll wait to blog about them.

I’m not a huge fan of hearts, but this one stood out as something a little different, so I gave it a bash. The pattern is for sale by Lois Barrett on Ravelry. I used 100% cotton thread and a size 3mm hook. I also only made the back section. The actual pattern is a little pouch, which is quite sweet. I have also starched mine so that it can hang on a door.

It’s finished size is 14cm at it’s widest point and 12cm high. I may try a few different patterns of hearts in earthy colours and make a ‘story’ of them.


Giant Doily Rug

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My first attempt at a giant doily rug, and also at a complex design without a pattern. I’m pleased with how it came out. I used 1mm cotton string, about 600grams of it, and a 7mm crochet hook.

This project took me about 3 weeks – although I really didn’t work on it solidly through that time. I’d like to try a similar pattern with a much thicker string, and obviously a bigger hook.

Many thanks to Creative Jewish Mom for the original inspiration for this rug.