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Newborn Flower Shoes

Every time I make a new pair of shoes I think that that pair is the cutest ever. These, however, have got to be my favourite. I made them with a matching narrow headband which I wrote about in my last blog post.

I find that shoes with a buttoned strap fit better and are more likely to stay on than the ballerina type shoes. I’ve also realized that the strap needs to be quite far back on the shoe and must be a substantial width. Many people have replaced the strap with a wide ribbon which then laces around the ankle. I have no doubt that this is equally effective, and perhaps one day I’ll make a pair like that, but….it’s not really my style.

These were made with a beautiful Egyptian cotton/ wool blend and a 4mm hook. I quite like the look of the extra deep sole.


Newborn Narrow Headband

Tiny things are just too cute. This little headband was made for Megan Grace who is just a few weeks old (and has a wonderful name). I’ve made a couple of these headbands, but none as tiny as this.

I used this chart pattern which is easy to follow, and just added a few extra chain and a sl st at the end to make the button hole. My hook was 3mm. I also used a different flower as I prefer 5 petals to 6. Grey is a colour I would never have used for little people in the past, isn’t it funny how we used to limit ourselves with colours. I’m very grateful for the colour freedom of today.

This headband has a very sweet pair of shoes to match. I’ll be adding them to my blog in a couple of days.

4-in-1 Flopsy Hat

A friend of mine asked me to make a gift for a one year old girl. We decided that crochet shoes and toddlers don’t work so well together. The only reason crochet shoes are cute is because they are so small, once they get bigger they lose their cuteness. So we settled on the idea of a hat and I began exploring patterns and trying out options. This was my first creation.

It’s half wool (which gives it it’s rustic feel) and half cotton (keeping it light and cool). I used a 4mm hook and made it up in htr (hdc if you are American). For the flower I used this pattern. I quite like the way the flower can come on and off and how you can button up the one side to give it different looks. It ended up being too small for a 0ne year old, but fits a little pinky who’s 6 months.

Raspberry Sherbet Baby Shoes


So, I thought I was finished making baby shoes for a little while, but people just keep on having babies. Thankfully they don’t take much time to make up (the shoes, that is) and it’s always fun trying new ideas.

These are for Jessica, who is our nephew’s 3rd daughter and is 5 days old today. Sweet thing. I called these ‘Raspberry Sherbet’ because the colour is so yummy.

The pattern is the good old favourite from Hayley Missingham on I used a double strand of fine baby yarn, one each of coral and pink, and a 4mm hook. I made up the flower with a single strand of pink.

I really must get to finishing the few projects that are half done, before I start another new one.

Golden Peach Baby Shoes

I really wasn’t sure about the colour of these. The yarn I wanted to use is very fine and so I needed to use two threads together. I decided to try and combine a pale yellow with a peach, not sure how it would turn out. They came out a golden peach tone, not too overbearing, so I’m happy.

Having been inspired by various different pictures of shoes, I wanted to try and create my own ‘window’ shoe pattern. These are cute and summery, and if you know how to make a simple Mary Jane, you’ll easily work out how to include the windows. I used a yarn that is 35%  wool, 5% cashmere and 60% silk, with a 4mm hook. They are newborn size.

So now I have two very different pairs of little girl shoes, my friend has to decide which one’s she wants. I hate decisions.

Narrow Baby Headband

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So I’m getting into the headband thing. Having found some lovely patterns and ideas I’ve started giving some time to trying them out. Today I bought some great natural cotton yarns to make up a few more. I must say, some of my motivation comes from having just sold a bunch of headbands to a local store, and they’re keen for more.

For this particular band I used a fine 30% wool 70% acrylic blend and a 3mm hook. The pattern is a chart pattern, but is quite easy to follow. This would fit a baby girl of 6 – 12 months, but it closes with a button at the back, so could be adjusted for a younger baby.

Now that my projects are getting ‘out there’ I’ll need to design some labels. I’m thinking of simple manilla with red print (hmmm?).

Wide Baby Headband 2

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I  know I’ve been very quiet this week. It’s not because I haven’t been making anything, rather the couple of projects I am doing will take more than a couple of days to complete. However, I did manage to turn out another baby headband. I made one exactly like this a few weeks ago for a friend who is expecting her first child next week. I forgot to take a picture of it though, so am pleased that I’ve had the chance to make another. I think I’ll be making many of these. I’m also going to give a narrower band a try soon.

This is the same pattern as my previous one and is simply made up in a different colour. And once again I used this flower.

I will not always add a new post for a repeated project. Most often I will add pictures of additional projects to existing posts.