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Lacy Scarf Giveaway

lacy scarf 1
During the month of November I am running my promotional giveaway. My Lacy Ladies Circular Scarf has been, by far, the most viewed, most liked, and most commented on product on my blog. And so it was clear that this had to be my giveaway item.

In a stunning lively aqua blue, the yarn is a blend of wool, cashmere and silk protein, giving it a luxurious feel. I must, once again, give credit to Lindsi for her great pattern, which I have used over and over again with a few adjustments from time to time. For this particular scarf I started with 211ch and I used a 5mm hook.

lacy scarf 2

This promotion is linked to my Facebook page. If you’d like a chance at winning this lacy scarf head over here  and share the album, adding your own comment. Or simply share this post on your Facebook wall with a comment. The promo runs worldwide through until the end of November 2013.


Summer Beach Top

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It is 11*C today and we are all sitting inside wrapped up in blankets drinking hot chocolate, and this is the moment I decide to finish my beach top. I started it in the middle of last summer and it’s been sitting in my cupboard with no buttons on for months. Today I bought some buttons and got it finished.

This top was a really big challenge for me because the pattern is a knit/crochet pattern, and I don’t knit so had to convert it all to crochet. I’m grateful for the measurement chart at the bottom of the pattern. I used a fine 30% wool 70% acrylic yarn and a 3mm hook. I very seldom block my work, but this is one project that looks like it needs it. (for my friends who don’t know what blocking is, it’s just a process you can use to help your work keep it’s shape)

I love the colour, but am not sure I’ll ever actually wear it. Maybe it’s time to open an etsy store?