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My Cotton Scarf


I found this gorgeous yarn and had to make myself a scarf. There were a wide selection of colours, but I chose light grey, charcoal, beige and cream. I’m please to have a  scarf that I can dress up with now.

The yarn is 80% cotton and 20% acrylic, which is a fantastic combination. I prefer it to 100% cotton. I didn’t have a pattern, but with a 6mm hook, I used a simple V stitch for the entire scarf. That is Tr, ch, Tr in every second stitch (British terminology). I didn’t want a long scarf, but made it just long enough to go around my neck twice. It is super warm and wonderfully comfortable.



Ladies Collar

I find fashion trends rather intriguing. There seems something not-so-cutting-edge about these collars, however I’m persuaded otherwise by current fashionistas.

There are a wide range of styles and shapes and sizes out there, but I chose this pattern because I find it simple, elegant and yet playful at the same time. Thanks to Lazy Tcrochet for making it available. I used a fine yarn, 70% bamboo 30% cotton,  and a 3.5mm hook. I love this silver grey colour. Because my yarn was finer than that in the pattern I added a few stitches to each section to make it the right size. Oh, and I found a really cute button for it too.

This is one of the things I gave to my daughter for her birthday. The pattern is for personal use only, so I won’t be able to sell these particular collars, but I’ll make others.

Beige Circular Scarf

It feels a bit strange making a scarf right at the beginning of summer, but this was made on request from a friend.

This is the fourth scarf I’ve made using this pattern and I’m never disappointed by the results. This time I used a beige double knit, single strand, and a 9mm hook. It’s not as chunky as my first one, but came out great anyway. The yarn is Elle Pure Gold, which is a South African produced 100% acrylic.

It’s been a slow week on the production line here. A few months ago I promised myself I would work on one project at a time. Well, I’ve been working on a cushion cover, and it’s taking forever, so I’ve deviated a bit from that ideal. I have an order in for some baby boy gumboots and some baby girl shoes. My cushion cover can wait….again.

Ladies Twisted Headband

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I’ve been meaning to make this headband for a little while. Glad I finally got round to it, and it really was very quick, once I worked out some interesting quirks in the pattern.

I’ve enjoyed giving myself to a few different projects after spending quite some time on baby headbands. I don’t have ADD, I just like variety. This is a great pattern by PD Designs. I got it a bit wrong in the beginning, but reading through some of the comments at the bottom helped me get it right. My yarn is the last of a ball I got from Mongolia and is an Egyptian cotton / milk fibre blend in grey and white. Made up with a 6mm hook.

It has a great texture, is nice and stretchy and very warm, although not too warm for summery days when you just want protection from the wind. Nice idea for Christmas gifts too.

Narrow Headband for Ladies

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Yes, another headband!

This is a stunning stone colour, made up in 100% cotton, and will fit a teenager/adult. I’m still playing around with yarns and working out tensions. I’ll make a few smaller ones of these in a couple of other colours too. Same pattern as before, with a 3mm hook.

And…today I’ll be taking out my sewing machine. My Mom will be proud. Stay tuned for the update.

Summer Beach Top

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It is 11*C today and we are all sitting inside wrapped up in blankets drinking hot chocolate, and this is the moment I decide to finish my beach top. I started it in the middle of last summer and it’s been sitting in my cupboard with no buttons on for months. Today I bought some buttons and got it finished.

This top was a really big challenge for me because the pattern is a knit/crochet pattern, and I don’t knit so had to convert it all to crochet. I’m grateful for the measurement chart at the bottom of the pattern. I used a fine 30% wool 70% acrylic yarn and a 3mm hook. I very seldom block my work, but this is one project that looks like it needs it. (for my friends who don’t know what blocking is, it’s just a process you can use to help your work keep it’s shape)

I love the colour, but am not sure I’ll ever actually wear it. Maybe it’s time to open an etsy store?

Lacy Ladies Circular Scarf

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I wanted to make a gift for a friend and decided a lacy scarf would be the right thing. I had a lovely fine silver grey yarn, but couldn’t find a pattern that I was happy with. I ended up simply using the same pattern I used for my other circular scarf.

The original pattern is for a chunky scarf,  but is a delightful design. I started with twice as many chain as the pattern requires to make up for the fineness of the thread. I used a 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend and a 5mm hook.

It took me a few days to finish, but I did do a few other small projects in between.

And, yes, I have started my husbands beanie. It will be finished shortly.