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Hipster Beanie and Boots for Baby

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I loved making this little set. The yarn is so soft and ideal for keeping a little head and feet warm. The very natural and earthy look of the yarn also lends itself to the hipster style.

For the hat I used this easy to follow pattern by April Cromwell. Thanks April. The only change I made was shortening the ties a little. I used a 5.5mm hook. And one of my favourite patterns for boots is this one by Repeat Crafter Me. I used a 3,5mm hook to make it smaller and tighter (my yarn is so soft I had to firm it up somehow) and I only made 3 rows of the cuff, then I added the laces. The yarn is a stunning, locally-produced blend of cotton, tweed, wool and acrylic.

beanie and boots


Newborn Flower Shoes

Every time I make a new pair of shoes I think that that pair is the cutest ever. These, however, have got to be my favourite. I made them with a matching narrow headband which I wrote about in my last blog post.

I find that shoes with a buttoned strap fit better and are more likely to stay on than the ballerina type shoes. I’ve also realized that the strap needs to be quite far back on the shoe and must be a substantial width. Many people have replaced the strap with a wide ribbon which then laces around the ankle. I have no doubt that this is equally effective, and perhaps one day I’ll make a pair like that, but….it’s not really my style.

These were made with a beautiful Egyptian cotton/ wool blend and a 4mm hook. I quite like the look of the extra deep sole.

Beanie And Boots Giveaway

My friend, Sharon hosts an exciting online antenatal course in South Africa called Just Engage. She also regularly posts fun, relevant, real and helpful stories on her blog relating to pregnancy and parenting. You can follow her on facebook too.

She is currently running a giveaway featuring this beanie and boots set, and has written a lovely article about Megs J Shep.

Because these were made for a giveaway they had to be suitable for either a boy or a girl. I had been wanting to make something up using this combination of silver grey and stone, and this seemed the perfect opportunity. The pattern I used for the boots is from Repeat Crafter Me and is easy to follow. I found it a fun a versatile pattern. I then had to find a pattern for a beanie that matched….not so easy. I ended up making this one up. It is predominantly double (single if you are American) crochet, except for the brim which is alternate double and half-treble rows to match the cuff on the boots.

It is great to be part of this giveaway. Thanks to Sharon and Just Engage for featuring me. I hope these boots and beanie will be well worn by a precious little person.

Georgia’s Red Slippers

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Georgia has grown out of all her shoes, and now that she’s a mature 4 month old I decided that she can graduate from pink to deep red. Her Mom also has a delightful pair of red pumps that would be so cute to match.

I’ve been busy making a pile of gifts recently and won’t be posting them on my blog ’til they’ve been given. However, it appears that no matter what, there will always be an endless flow of baby shoes from the production line. For these I used the good old faithful Dainty Mary Jane pattern from I used three strands of a very fine baby yarn and a 4.5mm hook. They are finished off perfectly with satin buttons.

Most of the baby shoes I make are for newborns, but these are slightly larger and should fit Georgia from 4-6 months of age. She wore them yesterday evening and looked sooo sweet.

Raspberry Sherbet Baby Shoes


So, I thought I was finished making baby shoes for a little while, but people just keep on having babies. Thankfully they don’t take much time to make up (the shoes, that is) and it’s always fun trying new ideas.

These are for Jessica, who is our nephew’s 3rd daughter and is 5 days old today. Sweet thing. I called these ‘Raspberry Sherbet’ because the colour is so yummy.

The pattern is the good old favourite from Hayley Missingham on I used a double strand of fine baby yarn, one each of coral and pink, and a 4mm hook. I made up the flower with a single strand of pink.

I really must get to finishing the few projects that are half done, before I start another new one.

Golden Peach Baby Shoes

I really wasn’t sure about the colour of these. The yarn I wanted to use is very fine and so I needed to use two threads together. I decided to try and combine a pale yellow with a peach, not sure how it would turn out. They came out a golden peach tone, not too overbearing, so I’m happy.

Having been inspired by various different pictures of shoes, I wanted to try and create my own ‘window’ shoe pattern. These are cute and summery, and if you know how to make a simple Mary Jane, you’ll easily work out how to include the windows. I used a yarn that is 35%¬† wool, 5% cashmere and 60% silk, with a 4mm hook. They are newborn size.

So now I have two very different pairs of little girl shoes, my friend has to decide which one’s she wants. I hate decisions.

Favourite Baby Girl Shoes

I saw a picture on the¬†Internet of a pair of shoes and I just loved them, but there was no pattern for them. After playing around yesterday afternoon for a little while I finally came up with a design and was able to make these. I am really pleased with how they came out. I taught myself how to ‘gather’ a row, which I am very delighted to now be able to do.

I used 100% cotton in a natural off white, and the sole and trim are in a pale grey. I used a 4mm hook. These are very tiny, the sole is 8.5cm across, so they will fit a baby girl from 0 – 3 months. I have one more pair of shoes I’d like to try and work out how to make – for now. Then I need to concentrate on making my daughter some birthday pressies. She’s almost 22!!