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My Cotton Scarf


I found this gorgeous yarn and had to make myself a scarf. There were a wide selection of colours, but I chose light grey, charcoal, beige and cream. I’m please to have a  scarf that I can dress up with now.

The yarn is 80% cotton and 20% acrylic, which is a fantastic combination. I prefer it to 100% cotton. I didn’t have a pattern, but with a 6mm hook, I used a simple V stitch for the entire scarf. That is Tr, ch, Tr in every second stitch (British terminology). I didn’t want a long scarf, but made it just long enough to go around my neck twice. It is super warm and wonderfully comfortable.



Long Scarf

grey long 1

I realize winter is almost over, but I did make these scarves a little while ago. I made 4 scarves in 6 days, one for each of the gents in my home. This is a long, tasseled, loose-stitch crochet scarf with a knit look. Sometimes you just need a simple ordinary old scarf. And this is particularly warm too.

I used a simple double knit (worsted weight) yarn and an 8mm hook. The loose stitching makes this a very comfortable, soft and casual looking scarf. A smaller hook makes a tighter stitch and is a smarter style, as you’ll see when I post two of my other scarves.

I’m not sure my boys will get much more use out of them this season, but they are timeless and should last a few winters.

blue scarf grey scarf IMG00090-20131005-1206 IMG00097-20131005-1210

Beige Circular Scarf

It feels a bit strange making a scarf right at the beginning of summer, but this was made on request from a friend.

This is the fourth scarf I’ve made using this pattern and I’m never disappointed by the results. This time I used a beige double knit, single strand, and a 9mm hook. It’s not as chunky as my first one, but came out great anyway. The yarn is Elle Pure Gold, which is a South African produced 100% acrylic.

It’s been a slow week on the production line here. A few months ago I promised myself I would work on one project at a time. Well, I’ve been working on a cushion cover, and it’s taking forever, so I’ve deviated a bit from that ideal. I have an order in for some baby boy gumboots and some baby girl shoes. My cushion cover can wait….again.

Crocodile Stitch Baby Boots

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My first attempt at crocodile stitch. I made these a few months ago for a friend who has the most delightful little daughter.

I learned how to crocodile stitch, after a couple of trials and errors, with some help from this pattern. However, I ended up not making the particular shoes in that pattern because I needed a larger size. I used this pattern for the shoe part and then added the cuff. They are made up with a wool/acrylic blend and a 4.5mm hook.

I love making baby shoes and am so inspired by all the new and creative ideas out there.

Men’s Beanie Hat

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It is done! I can’t believe that something that was so simple to make took me such a long time to get to. At last it is finished, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

Crochet and men’s clothing are two things that don’t mix easily. I was happy to find this pattern that was chunky without being poofy. The yarn is also pretty cool. It’s elle timber, which is a chunky acrylic. I used a 6mm hook for the head and a 5mm hook for the brim. I also used fewer rows than in the pattern as my yarn was thicker and my hooks bigger.

Nice to have another project under my belt. I must say that whilst bigger projects give a great sense of achievement, the smaller quick ones are very fun.

Next up will be a wide baby head band with a big flower. I also still want to make a cushion for my lounge and a blanket for my room (ambitious much).

Also starting to contemplate writing my own patterns. ?!?

Newborn Baby Bamboo Beanie

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This is possibly the cutest thing I have made so far. It is so very tiny that I can hardly believe that it would fit on a little person’s head.

It measures only 14.5cm across the brim and so would probably only fit a baby under 4kgs. I haven’t tested that yet, though. Once again I used 100% bamboo, this time with a 3mm hook. I didn’t have a pattern, but got the inspiration from Gracious Rain at

I will make a few more of these now, using different sized hooks for older babies and possibly even toddlers. Before I do that, though, I must make Dave his long awaited beanie.


Ladies Beanie

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I sat last night with no hook and yarn in my hands and felt lost. My yarn supply is running sadly low, but I found this lovely chunky wool in my cupboard and began this beanie.

Thanks Mary, for this pattern You call it easy peasy and it really is. The link to the fastening off tip is also really helpful. I used a 7mm hook and it took me just over an hour to make up, whilst watching a movie with the family.

Looking forward to having covered up ears on the sides of the wintery hockey and rugby pitches.

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